by Dumsaint Spex

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Try to spell success on an alpha soup diet
In my mindset, ceilings aren't defined yet
Cans crammed with half-cooked concepts
Looking at the onset, I see a silver-lined cirrus
I see gold skies clearing through blem eyelids
A sly kid scribing lines like ancient Egyptians
Good luck stopping this human thesaurus
I'm a fisheye, try to snap an accurate portrait
At times, these ears can't sway to the cynics
Expanding my limits with bare paws, one month outlaw
With one bag less books, I'd rather salivate than study, bars like a drunk crook
I've made ghost town fam when hope hung lowest
Busking acoustic, bleeding fingers for samosas
Sidewalk sifting, spilling writtens in a Villains tee
Thoughts turn acrylic into soaked canvas similes

Am I making decisions or just faking a living?
Toking, stressing, screaming in the face of digression
Skin shards peel, callused hard on my skate feet
Brain solely focused on summiting cliff peaks
I've taken long baths in lagoons of regret
Seems that sins are only symbols when native in spliff-speak
When I drown in predicaments, I give up ligaments and let the grass paint metaphors through my fingertips
Straight to the top, surpassing Oval Offices
I mock obnoxious snobs while they're slandering the populous
Suppressed by doubt, I break through at any angle
Swimming, suffocating in swarms of disease
In the form of sleeves, inking thoughts skin surface
Get a tattoo of every bad review that emerges
Watch me stomach the critics, even cold-hearted skeptics
So hard building fresh when the remains are decrepit


released December 6, 2011
Bars: Luc
Production/intro vox: Cam



all rights reserved


Dumsaint Spex Bolton, Ontario

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